Tim and Angela

Tim and Angela started having conversations about overseas mission soon after they met. Tim has been a high school history teacher for ten years, with six years of experience as Head of Department in a large Auckland school. He also has a Masters in Theology and hopes one day to teach Biblical Studies and Theology in a mission context. Tim served interim pastor here at The Chapel for the latter half of 2014 and into the beginning of 2015. Tim spent most of his childhood in Chad, Congo and Zambia, where his parents served as mission workers.

Angela has interest and experience in the areas of community engagement, hospitality, advocacy and environmental sustainability. Previously, she spent six years living in Dubai, which gave her the experience of living in a Muslim context. Currently she is enjoying being a full-time mum to Adelaide, Louis and Theodore.

Tim and Angela serve in a part of the world that is in need of peace and reconciliation. Although it makes the headlines as a place of conflict, it is also a place of rich history, beauty and hospitality. Recent events have led to significant material and spiritual challenges, and to increasing questions about politics and religion. Support is also needed for local communities who are stretched with the influx of refugees.

They recognise that it takes time to build friendships and mutual trust, and that it usually begins with a common language, therefore they will spend the first two years learning Arabic in-country. They know there will be many opportunities to serve during and beyond their language study, but wherever they are they want to prioritise being present, relational and engaged in the lives of those people God brings into their lives.

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June-July update
 (26 July 2016)
May update
 (6 June 2016)
April update (4 May 2016)
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Tim and Angela
Posted 26 July, 2016

June-July update from Tim and Angela

Hi All,

Our latest installment is attached.

With Theodore in the driving seat for the last few months, our preparations slowed down a little. We had been planning to leave for the Middle East in August but with only 30% of our support raised, we’re now planning to leave at the end of the year. So you still have 5 months to pray about joining in with us financially!

Until next time,

Tim and Angela, Adelaide, Louis and Theodore

By Tim and Angela
Posted 6 June, 2016

May update: there is a crack in everything, that is how the light gets in

When we don’t run from suffering, it creates the empty spaces into which God’s grace can flow. This is part of our experience from the month passed. As Leonard Cohen put it: ‘There is a crack in everything, that is how the light gets in.” See our May update attached.

Much love,

Tim, Angela, Adelaide, Louis and Theodore

By Tim and Angela
Posted 4 May, 2016

Hi Friends,

“April” update attached. We’d love to hear from you. Drop us a line!

If you want to ‘join in’ by participating in prayer with others, please let us know as there may be an Interserve prayer group in your area. We can put you in touch.

If you want to support us financially to make our August departure a reality, reply and let us know, or email reception@interserve.org.nz directly.

Tim, Angela, Adelaide, Louis and Theodore

By Tim and Angela
Posted 24 October, 2015

Salaam alekoum everyone!

We are so glad springtime is finally here, and that this cold, wet winter is finally over… It has been a difficult one with sickness, seems there was always someone in the family sick at any one time. I know all you families with young children can relate!

But here we were in the comfort of our home in New Zealand… I’m sure you were all troubled as we were to see such a desperate surge of refugees from the Middle East and Afghanistan pouring into Europe, and it continues. Obviously life is so difficult and there is little comfort for these people – who are just like us! From what we hear, our church family in the ME is so stretched as they try to provide material essentials as well as emotional support and community to the many people on their own doorstep. We feel particularly encouraged that there are no barriers to who they help, whether Christian, Muslim or anything else. And we again feel the pull to go! We are eager to support them in whatever way we can.

However… we will be a bit delayed in getting there, as we are due to have baby #3 in early April! We are all very excited about a new baby 🙂 Providing things are not complicated with the birth or the baby, we hope to leave in the middle of next year, in time for Adelaide to start school in the Northern new year (September) and for Tim and I to continue with our Arabic language learning.

With having a bit more time in NZ we will be starting an online Arabic course shortly, and we will also get some tutoring from a friend here in Auckland. Louis has just turned 3 and is starting pre-school two days a week so I (Angela) will have a bit more time to focus on this. Tim will probably teach day-relief from the beginning of next year so he has more time (and headspace!) also.

We’re attaching our brochure to explain a bit more about what’s ahead for us. If you’d like an actual brochure, please let us know your address and we can send one to you.

Thank you very much to those who have expressed a desire to support us! As Tim is still working, and will have some paid work until the middle of next year, your support won’t need to begin yet. But an indication of your intention will help us work towards our target.

Blessings to you all,
Tim, Angela, Adelaide and Louis