While this website may introduce you to The Chapel in Te Atatu, it has primarily been designed to help you to discover more about Jesus. My prayer is that you would be inspired to follow Him.

This website will, at times, use language or ideas that seem strange if you are new to the God/church thing. If that is the case, please feel free to contact me and I will try to answer your questions. Alternatively… you may find it better to start your faith journey here… www.followjesus.nz, and come back here later.

For those who choose to continue their journey here, we view The Chapel in Te Atatu with reference to…

The Cave – The Table – The Road

These very simple images serve to remind us of the three key spaces that lead to a healthy and growing relationship with Jesus.

The Cave speaks of time alone with Jesus. A place of safety. A place, at times, to run and hide when things become too much. It is also a place of peace and quiet, a retreat from the frantic pace of life. A place to be still… and know that He is God. read more

The Table speaks of time spent together with others who are learning to follow Jesus. The table is the place where we bring what we have and who we are: our offering, our food, our gifts, our lives so that, at the Table, all will be fed, nurtured, loved. read more

The Road speaks of life ‘out there’. It speaks of the places where our lives touch the communities in which God has planted us and to which He sends us. On the Road, we are His body; bringing comfort, healing, nurture, hope, truth. read more

Some of us prefer the Cave. Others thrive at The Table. Still others find life is at its best on The Road. What about you?

The reality is, we all need all three… so I wonder, as you pause to reflect on these three images, I wonder where God would call you to spend time today… and tomorrow…

Brian Spicer (Pastor)

We are not here to grow a great church.
We are here to worship, to honour, a Great God.

We are not asking you to follow us.
We are inviting you to join us as we follow Him.

We are not primarily asking you to come to church, however, you are welcome.
We are inviting, encouraging, challenging you to be the church
and to go and inspire others to follow Jesus.

We are not expecting you to come to church every Sunday.
We are praying that we will all be the church all day, every day, every where.

Inspiring One Another to Follow Jesus

To find out more about following Jesus, please contact us or go to
www.followJesus.nz  or www.gensuiyesu.nz

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