Kidspace Primary — Years 1 to 6

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Kidspace Primary is located is the hall adjacent to the main auditorium. During morning tea at 10am please sign your child in so that the leaders are aware of the numbers of children they need to cater for that Sunday. Children can also write their name on an orange Kidspace lanyard and wear it to show they are part of the Kidspace group.

They can then join is with the various activities happening in the hall. You are welcome to join in with them before you head through to the auditorium at 10:15. At the end of the service please collect your child and sign them out, to ensure their safety.

The curriculum we use focuses on helping the children to grow in their knowledge and understanding of the Bible, how to have a relationship with Jesus and turning that relationship and knowledge into action in their lives. The leaders use a range of learning contexts, including large group and small group activities as well as worship and prayer time.

The three key principles which form the basis for the programme are:

  1. I need to make the wise choice.
  2. I can trust God no matter what.
  3. I should treat others the way I want to be treated.

If you would like more information about the curriculum we use, please visit