The Chapel’s Core Values

Value People

  • Place people above programmes
  • Prioritise relational connection
  • Strive for unity and relational well-being
  • Respond to the reality of people’s lives

Promote Spiritual Growth

  • Teach and practice spiritual disciplines
  • Name and cultivate spiritual gifts for service
  • Practice a culture of discipleship
  • Thread prayer through everything

Provide Responsive Leadership

  • Listen to the Spirit and lead with His guidance and wisdom
  • Ensure processes and structures are responsive and flexible
  • Serve in teams around a common purpose
  • Deliver quality teaching so that God’s Truth can be applied today

Enable Effective Mission

  • Know our wider community well
  • Reach out to our local community and beyond
  • Offer hospitality and address poverty
  • Equip our people to ‘hare a reason for the hope we have in Jesus

In 2012, as a result of a church-wide consultation, a list of ‘Our Values and Priorities Going Forward’ was created. Following a period of discussion and review and discussion in 2018, the list was further refined to become, The Chapel—Core Values.