Marcus and Beth Stewart – YWAM Thailand

July 2018


Hello friends. This is an update a month into our time back in England, which has been a bit nomadic, and included sleeping in a few different beds, but it has also meant we’ve caught up with a plenty of friends already, and more good re-connections anticipated in the weeks ahead. This is also coming to you on the eve of Marcus’s trip back to Thailand.

In a few hours (leaving Monday midday UK time), he flies back to Thailand for one week. One of our training programs – the BAM Summer – is wrapping up this next week, and the last of the 8 weeks concludes with Marcus debriefing the team, teaching, and leading the important process that helps the participants finish the program well.

The BAM Summer is an 8-week program where we introduce people to Business as Mission, and give them an opportunity to intern in a BAM business. This year’s group were split between 3 businesses in Phnom Penh (Cambodia). To the right you can see the daily means of travel to work for one group.

The internships give opportunity for the participants to bring their skills to the local business, and through observing and getting involved in the normal work day alongside the regular employees they learn more of what Business as Mission can look like. This is a poster that one of our team created for the restaurant that she was interning in. Other activities included leading English conversation classes with local Cambodian employees, and developing new uniforms for one of the businesses.