Archived Story Sunday audios

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Every first Sunday of the month, a member of the congregation shares their personal story. This initiative started in early 2013, and helps us get to know each other better and also encourage each other in our faith journeying.

The full list of audios will be uploaded soon . . .

Barbara Oram, My Story, 2016-08-07
Download Barbara’s story here

Joshua Scott, My Story, 2016-07-03
Download Josh’s story here

Ruth Scott, My Story, 2016-06-05
Download Ruth’s story here

Peter Hutchinson, My Story, 2016-04-03
Download Peter’s story here

Monique Kauie, My Story, 2016-03-06
Download Monique’s story here

Rachel Smithers, My Story, 2014-01-06
Download Rachel’s story here